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Option SKU
This extension allows you to set separate SKU for each option.  Data will be stored in db.&nbs..
Option Image in Shopping Cart
  This extension will display the selected option image in the shopping cart page. For produ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Option description
Admin 1) It is easy to add a description and heading to each add-on option in the dialogue box. ..
OpenBay Pro
Supported countries list: http://shop.openbaypro.com/ebay-amazon-openbay-supported-countries ..
Offline Credit Card Payment
What does it do: ================ This contrib adds support for collecting customer creditcar..
Offline Credit Card
This gateway will allow you to save credit card information so that you can process it offline th..
Object tracking postal
English Object tracking post office. With this module you will be able to offer customers a vi..
Nice Featured Products
Module for Featured items with nice JS effect in metro style or something like that.  ..
This exclusive extension is a complete rework of the original "News/Blog" module by Fid..
My General Tabs
With this extension you can move some fields on the first tab (General) to speed up products editing..
MijoShop default filemanager extend multiupload files. ..
Multiplication symbol - quantity swap
It swaps the multiplication symbol and the quantity in MijoShop cart module (e.g. "10 x"..
Multiple Featured Module Pro
  Multiple Featured Module Pro for MijoShop   This extension is a "MijoShop" co..
Based on 2 reviews.
Multilanguage Country Zone
Countries & Zones Translator MijoShop extension that adds the ability to have multi language ..
Most Viewed
Offers you to display the most viewed products in your store. ..
MiwoShop Responsive
Make your default MiwoShop template Responsive! - Using vQmod to change the original MiwoSh..
Minmax order
This contrib adds multiple limit verification checks during the checkout step.  Allows multipl..
When you upgrade MijoShop from 2.2.4 to 2.2.5 version, the subcategory list in MijoShop Categories (..
MijoShop Responsive
Make your default MijoShop template Responsive! - Using vQmod to change the original MijoShop def..
Based on 7 reviews.
MijoShop Admin Template - Red
MijoShop Admin Template - Red No support because it's free but feedback is always welcome. ..
Welcome to the Miwisoft Extensions Directory. The purpose of this directory is to sell and provide support for 3rd party extensions compatible with Miwisoft components, especially MijoShop.
Use the Ticket System to get support directly from the extensions' developers.

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