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Rstyle - MijoShop Template Features: => Adding "Sale" to products with a special price. ..
Based on 1 reviews.
Revolver Maps
RevolverMap is a simple live GeoIP mapper module. It detects the IP address of your visitors and pla..
Report product by client
English With this mod you will have a great report to find the preferred products of its cu..
Remove Option Name Truncation
This extension remove all option name truncation in several places: *Shopping cart *Checkout/c..
Remove Header Minicart Currency SearchBox
MijoShop Header Remove Minicart MijoShop Header Remove Currency MijoShop Header Remo..
Remove Download Links
Removes all Download links from your store front-end.    ..
Related Products Module
​Unzip and install the proper version of extension from Extension Installation page : MijoSho..
Based on 2 reviews.
Refine Search Remove
This simple vQmod/OCMOD extension remove the Refine Search from product category pages. ..
Reduces the padding of the Refine Search DIV.
When you adjust the category image dimensions to fit the MijoShop width, and when a category has sub..
Recently Viewed
Adds a new box module that shows visitors their recently viewed items. The number of items is contro..
Quotation System
This extension allows you to create quotations. How to work See Video... Part 1: http://w..
Quick Product Search Module
Quick Product Search is an MijoShop plugin to faciliate customers to find their desired products and..
Quick Product Search
Quick Product Search is an MijoShop plugin to faciliate customers to find their desired products and..
Based on 2 reviews.
Quantity Buttons
MijoShop - Plus and Minus Quantity Buttons Adds quantity plus and minus buttons to your product p..
Mod to show QR CODE on MijoShop/MiwoShop   ..
PUT IT ON LAYAWAY (powered by PayPal)
PUT IT ON LAYAWAY (powered by PayPal) Add this extension PUT IT ON LAYAWAY (powered by PayPal) ..
Promotions - Boost up your Sales!
  Boost up your sales with Promotions!! Everything you need to run a promotions system on yo..
Promotion Label
​Unzip and upload the proper file from Shop extension installation page: MijoShop/MiwoShop =&..
Products Out of Stock Report
A client of mine needed a simple "going out of stock report" that they could print and ..
Welcome to the Miwisoft Extensions Directory. The purpose of this directory is to sell and provide support for 3rd party extensions compatible with Miwisoft components, especially MijoShop.
Use the Ticket System to get support directly from the extensions' developers.

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