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This extensions allow you to create "child" option(s) based on the chosen "parent" option(s). It determines the selection of 'child' options based on the chosen 'parent' option or options and is common on e-commerce sites.

Benefits include:

  • Any number of chained selects may be built
  • Crucially, one child select may have multiple parents
  • This contrib adds an automatic update to the main price when the options are changed to reflect the total price that will be added to the cart. 
  • It uses an ajax callback method to ensure correct prices regardless of currency or option names

The importance of multiple parents can be demonstrated with the simple and very basic example screenshots. A store has red T-shirts and red polo shirts available but only large/medium sizes of the T-shirt and small/medium sizes of the polo.

Using multiple parents this listing can be achieved, whereas it cannot with one parent.

  • Unzip and upload the proper file from Shop extension installation page: MijoShop/MiwoShop => Extensions => Extension Installer

​For MijoShop 2.x and MiwoShop 1.x => Don't forget to clear vqmod cache

​For MijoShop/MiwoShop 3.x => Don't forget to clear modification cache in order to get working this extension.

v 1.0.0

  •  - Initial package
  • v 1.1.0

  •  - Fixed Special characters( single quotation ) option name
    • v 2.0.0

    •  - Added MijoShop/MiwoShop 3.x compatibility
      • v 2.1.0

      •  - Added live price update feature

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Chained / Dependent Options Chained / Dependent Options Chained / Dependent Options Chained / Dependent Options Chained / Dependent Options

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