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Make your default MiwoShop template Responsive!

- Using vQmod to change the original MiwoShop default template so no files are overwritten.
- Removed the colorbox image gallery for the responsive theme and replaced it will a sleek image gallery. Colorbox will still work on the desktop site.
- Category Drop-Down - Instead of using a bulky looking category menu, we created an elegant category which slides down when the user taps the screen

What needs to be done first?

You have to activate the category menu inside MiwoShop in order to get the category and MiwoShop menu to show up. Go to: MiwoShop Control Panel - System - Settings - Your Store : Edit - MiwoShop - Show categories menu : YES

If you don't do this the menu will not appear when you are on your mobile phone!

If you want the buttons to be like on the screenshots go to:
MiwoShop Control Panel - System - Settings - Your Store:Edit - MiwoShop - Button CSS class : button_oc

For any issues that you may encounter just open up a ticket and it will be answered in no time.

-Unzip the downloaded file
-Go to the following dir: ..\wp-content\plugins\miwoshop\site\opencart 
Upload the Files here ( catalog and vqmod )

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MiwoShop Responsive MiwoShop Responsive MiwoShop Responsive MiwoShop Responsive

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