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Displays customer's purchases from all orders in a single list in admin area of customer simpler, but it also allows you to avoid loading additional pages.

Without the help of the Customer Purchases Magento module, it can be complicated to quickly view what each customer is buying. 

The Customer Purchases extension solves this dilemma by incorporating a "Purchases" tab into the Customer Information page. Using the tab, businesses can observe a complete listing of any customer’s purchases. And with the "View Order" button, they can easily check the date and time each order was made; the product title(s); the quantity ordered; the price per item ordered; and the total purchase price.

With the Customer Purchases module, any online store manager can get a complete snapshot of activities of customers, allowing for stronger promotions and discount planning.

- Addition of "Purchases" tab to the customer information page 
- Comprehensive overview of any customer’s purchases.
- Ability to go directly to the order page.
- Ability to go directly to the product page .
- Do not override core files.
- Free Install the module.

Unzip the downloaded file and upload the contents of folder "upload" into "components/com_mijoshop/opencart" folder of your site via FTP.

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