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Quick Product Search is an MijoShop plugin to faciliate customers to find their desired products and their information quickly.

1. Product search is based on follwing fleids:
    Product Name
    Product Description
    Product Model
    Product Tags
2. Easy enable / disable option from Admin
3. Manage no. of products to list.
4. View more products link to default search page.


===== Getting Started =====

This installation instructions assume that you have either fresh or customized installation of MijoShop.

1) Unzip the downloaded ZIP file into a new folder

2) Copy all files from /Upload folder over your current MijoShop installation preserving the directory structure.

3) Login to your MijoShop admin panel and go to Extensions > Modules, find "Quick Product Search", and click the [Install] link. Then the screen flickers and [Edit] link shows up.

4) Click the [Edit] link. 

5) Change "Enable / Disable Quick Search" to enabled 

6) set 'No. of Products to Show'.

7) Save and Enjoy.

8) Now  "Quick Product Search" is installed and configured.

Easy Install
1) Unzip and upload the contents to the root directory of your MijoShop installation
2) Login to administrator page, Extension-> Modules -> Quick Product Search -> Install
3) Change "Enable / Disable Quick Search" to enabled and set 'No. of Products to Show'.
4) Save and Enjoy.

v 1.0.0

  • Initial package

v 1.1.0 (29/03/2015)

MijoShop v3x - MiwoShop v3x

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Quick Product Search Quick Product Search Quick Product Search Quick Product Search

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