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MijoShop Template - Laghin

This template has lightweight layout and a nice combination of colors. This MijoShop theme is very simple to use and espacially affordable. Perfect for users that needs a simple shop with a simple theme also for a simple price. The theme has a unique module positioning inside MijoShop that it gives a 3d view. No standart modules that cuts off the content view. There is a special place inside the footer where you can put a simple text for your customers. How to edit is written inside this place.

  • Cool module view
  • Simple structure
  • Works nice with your Joomla template
  • Nice price view


1) Please upload the folder to: components/com_mijoshop/opencart
2) Login to the administration panel of MijoShop and go to: System -> Settings -> Store (edit) -> Store -> Template: change to laghin.

Readme file is also avaible.

1.0.1- Fixed issue when joomla modules are assigned to right template pushes them to the bottom of the page.

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