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BercoExpress South Africa Live Shipping Rates

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What does it do:
This contrib adds real-time rates for "www.bercoexpress.co.za" (www.aramex.co.za) Web Services during checkout.
This allows you to charge customers the correct shipping rate based on their purchase weight and size.

- Your host must support php curl
- You must have a Berco web account 
- You must have ZAR installed a currency on your store (Admin->System->Localisation->Currencies)

Rate Discrepancies:
The author of this integration has no control on rates and only pass what is returned from the gateway.
All rates and errors come directly from the gateway.
If you find rate discrepencies, you will need to
1. Enable Debug mode
2. Repeat the checkout shipping lookup
3. Copy the the message log from the Debug tab in the module's configuration
4. Send that to the Berco gateway Tech Support to analyze.


Main features:
  * Customers Get multiple live shipping rates from Berco immediately during checkout.
  * Automatically displays the proper quotes based on customer address, cart weight, and cart dimensions
  * Full message debugging and error message support for easy troubleshooting
  * Option to display delivery weight.
  * Optional Rate padding/discounting for all rates
  * Optional Weight padding/discounting for all rates

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BercoExpress South Africa Live Shipping Rates BercoExpress South Africa Live Shipping Rates

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