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Adv Sale Reports

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  • Multi choice for "Order Status"
  • Additional report by Products
  • Sort by Years, Months (does not sum years), Day of Week (shows name of day), Date
  • Explort to XLS via HTML
  • SQL debug line
  • Additional criterias: Shipping/Billing Country, Shipping/Billing Region, Customer Group, Paid by, Shipping/Payment method, payments and Points withdrawals, payments without shipping fees, Orders total min/max, Reward earned min/max
  1. Upload files to \components\com_mijoshop\opencart directory.
  2. Set permission sale/adv_custom_sale and sale/adv_custom_sale_product for user groups
  3. Check "Sale->Reports->Sale Custom" and "Sale->Reports->Sale Custom Products" menus

v 1.0.0

  • Initial package

v 1.0.1

  • Export bug fixed
  • Blank page bug fixed

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Adv Sale Reports Adv Sale Reports

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