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Charity Donate
This extension adds a donate box together with a 'GiftAid' option to the shopping basket ..
Gift Wrapping
  This extension allows you to add Gift Wrapping as order total and charge for that. You can..
Global Discount
This extension allows you to set a global discount (of either a fixed price or a percentage) to be a..
Minmax order
This contrib adds multiple limit verification checks during the checkout step.  Allows multipl..
Product Images in Order Email
This Extension displays product images in Order Email. Features 1. Easy Installation 2. Does no..
Promotions - Boost up your Sales!
  Boost up your sales with Promotions!! Everything you need to run a promotions system on yo..
Welcome to the Miwisoft Extensions Directory. The purpose of this directory is to sell and provide support for 3rd party extensions compatible with Miwisoft components, especially MijoShop.
Use the Ticket System to get support directly from the extensions' developers.

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