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Multiple Featured Module Pro

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Multiple Featured Module Pro for MijoShop


This extension is a "MijoShop" compatible version of OpenCart Multiple Featured Module Pro.


Supported Joomla! Versions:

Joomla! 2.5.X and 3.x

What Does It Do:

If you want to emphasize the most important products, Multiple Featured Module Pro is exactly what you need. The specially highlighted product will attract customer’s attention and more likely will be bought.

Multiple Featured Module Pro enables you to handle UNLIMITED featured products easily on a single Admin page with full product list control.
This module provides you more opportunities to customize your featured products, and the best and most qualified experience.

A picture's worth a thousand words! TRY DEMO BELOW!

Main Features:

  • Unlimited featured product lists on any layout and any supported position.
  • Custom titles per module for all installed languages.
  • Supports link titles on the module header (SEO Ready).
  • Supports product sort for each featured product list.
  • Supports random product display per product list.
  • Custom frontend templates for each product list.
  • Full support for individual featured product lists for each customer group and guest users.
  • Supports multi-stores.
  • External CSS and JavaScript(JS) files.
  • Optional parameters can be passed to a tpl template file.
  • Uses caching for performance.
  • Easy Installation and setup.
  • Uses the auto-filtering method of the original featured module to find products easily in the Admin section.
  • GUI equipped for good operability and visibility in the Admin section.
  • Uses OpenCart's built-in module system (no core files are overwritten).
  • Multi language support. Defaults to English. (You can create your language file by copying the original file.)

Live Demo:

You can try out Multiple Featured Module Pro without having to install.

OpenCart 2.x (MijoShop 3) - Storefront, Admin
OpenCart 1.5.x (MijoShop 2) - Storefront, Admin


If you have any questions, please contact me at csr.cuispi {at} gmail {dot} com (Replace 'at' and 'dot' with corresponding characters).


See all of my works below here:

How To Install It:

1) Unzip and upload the contents to the root directory of your OpenCart installation, preserving directory structure. No files are overwritten.
2) From the admin menu, go to Extensions > Modules. Install the module, and click edit to configure.
3) Go to the frontend of your store to see the featured items.


Multiple Featured Module Pro version 3.x is for MijoShop 3 (OpenCart 2.x) only.


Multiple Featured Module Pro version 2.x is for MijoShop 2 (OpenCart 1.5.x) only.

Multiple Featured Module Pro version 3.x

Multiple Featured Module Pro 3.2.2, 2016-05-18
- Fixed a bug that could cause incorrect product results (due to cache) when two or more modules were present on the same page.

Multiple Featured Module Pro 3.2.1, 2016-03-03
- Fixed the issue with the custom template files not working on OpenCart

Multiple Featured Module Pro 3.2.0, 2016-03-03
- Added support for OpenCart version 2.2.0.x.

Multiple Featured Module Pro 3.1.5, 2015-10-07
- Added support for OpenCart version 2.1.0.x.

Multiple Featured Module Pro 3.1.4, 2015-08-08
- Added support for MijoShop 3.x.

Multiple Featured Module Pro 3.1.3, 2015-07-22
- Fixed a CSS issue with the size of the icons on the Admin page.

Multiple Featured Module Pro 3.1.2, 2015-04-14
- Added a class (.product-layout) to multi_featured.tpl to show module correctly in left and right columns.

Multiple Featured Module Pro 3.1.1, 2014-12-11
- Fixed a bug which caused a fatal error when customers are logged in.

Multiple Featured Module Pro 3.1.0, 2014-12-06
- Added support for OpenCart version 2.0.1.x.
- Moved the functionality of the Modules tab to the Featured Product Lists tab.
- Added a Configuration tab for basic settings.
- Added a Layouts tab which allows you to jump to the layout configuration page directly.

Multiple Featured Module Pro 3.0.0, 2014-10-16
- Initial release

Multiple Featured Module Pro version 2.x

Multiple Featured Module Pro 2.2.7, 2014-10-16
- Changed the base path for custom css and js files to the OpenCart root directory.
- Improved optional parameters to accept HTML tags.
- Added right-to-left (RTL) support in Admin.

Multiple Featured Module Pro 2.2.6, 2014-07-15
- Fixed a bug which caused the error when a customer is logged in in the OpenCart 1.5.2.x or earlier.

Multiple Featured Module Pro 2.2.5, 2014-07-10
- Fixed a bug which caused a PHP notice, "Constant IS_MIJOSHOP already defined" when it is already defined.
- Renamed the key 'version' to 'multi_featured_version'
- Changed the internal logic for finding the featured id.
- Added support for OpenCart versions 1.5.1.x and 1.5.2.x.

Multiple Featured Module Pro 2.2.4, 2014-03-31
- Fixed a bug which caused a PHP notice, "Undefined offset" notice with the heading title of an existing featured list when a new language is added to the system.

Multiple Featured Module Pro 2.2.3, 2014-03-21
- Added support for MijoShop.
- Fixed a bug which prevented a "Learn more" tooltip from showing on a dynamically generated content.
- Changed the name of the "Save and Continue" button to "Save & Close".
- Filter fields on the Modules tab are now hidden until at least one row has been assigned.
- Cleaned up the code slightly.
- Modified the .tpl files for the tags example to show 'view more' links. The settings described on the Demo site also has been changed.

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Multiple Featured Module Pro Multiple Featured Module Pro Multiple Featured Module Pro Multiple Featured Module Pro Multiple Featured Module Pro Multiple Featured Module Pro

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