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PUT IT ON LAYAWAY (powered by PayPal)

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PUT IT ON LAYAWAY (powered by PayPal)
Add this extension PUT IT ON LAYAWAY (powered by PayPal) to your check-out. Your customers will then be offered this affordable layby payment plan option when checking out products on your website. Layaway is an affordable payment plan option where the buyer gets to pay-off a product or service via 1 down-payment and the balance over 1, 2 or 3 monthly instalments and take delivery after the final instalment.

For Consumers
The customer pays a small 0.9% layby fee, payable to Lay-Buys.

For the Retailer
FREE. No hidden fees or ongoing membership costs are payable to Lay-Buys.

Layaway also provide their extension plugin FREE of charge.

Merchants will pay their agreed discounted transactional fee they have in place with PayPal.
Layaway do not charge any transaction fee.

Also set the payment method to only be active at checkout per:
1. Minimum checkout cart total
2. Allowed categories
3. Allowed customer groups
4. Exclude products

Merchants are paid the down-payment and all instalment payments into their PayPal account, but only deliver the product or service after final instalment payment.

Layaway is not a new concept, it is a multi-billion dollar industry within the retail sector alone. The most invested countries that provide layby or layaway options include USA, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and South Africa (Layaway in USA and Canada). All country currency codes supported. 


Developer Name : Warrin

1. ​Unzip and install the proper version of extension from Extension Installation page : MijoShop/MiwoShop => Extensions => Extension Installer

2. Now go through admin panel and install the extension
Step 1 - Go through menu "Extensions > Payments",
Step 2 - Click on [Install] link under Action column in 'Layaway' row,
Step 3 - Then Click on [Edit] link under Action column in 'Layaway' row 
for Set the general configuration,

  • **** Add MijoShop/MiwoShop 3.x compatability


  • **** Initial release

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PUT IT ON LAYAWAY (powered by PayPal) PUT IT ON LAYAWAY (powered by PayPal) PUT IT ON LAYAWAY (powered by PayPal)

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