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- Demo -

Go to user account (a default login is prefilled, just on login button), then section "order history", there you will see a new link to download the pdf file.
If you want to see what looks like the mail you receive when making an order, just create a new account with your mail, or directly checkout in guest mode.

For the admin section :
Same thing, demo logins are prefilled, just clic on login button, then go to extensions > Pdf invoice pro, you can change the settings to try it out.

Installation procedure

  • Copy content of the "core" package into the opencart root folder
  • Go to extension menu, and click on the link "Install Pdf Invoice Pro"
  • On mijoshop V3 go to Extension > modifications and click on Refresh button
  • Done

Update procedure

  • Copy content of the core package into your opencart root folder
  • Done :]
The dowload pdf icon is not displayed in user account section (order list or order detail)
The theme integration is managed by a separate file located at /vqmod/xml/pdf_invoice_pro_default_theme.xml
If this one is not compatible with your theme first check in the folder extra theme support if there is not a file corresponding to your theme.
If there is one, just put it into /vqmod/xml/ and delete the file pdf_invoice_pro_default_theme.xml
If there is not your can customize the default one, or contact me, I will make the patch for you.
How work with multi languages ?
- Check if your language is included in the module package, in extra languages/ folder
- If it doesn't exist, just copy the english file and open it to translate it.
- Copy pdf_invoice.php language file into /catalog/language/xxxxxx/module/
If you want I integrate your language in the main package just send me back your language file
How to insert new icons ?
Just upload your icon in the folder /image/invoice/, your icon will automatically appear in admin section so you can select it.

The logo have some glitches on the pdf
Sometimes the png images with transparent background renders bad, just make a version with white background to solve this problem.

Why my logo looks smaller on invoice than store's one ?

I set a resolution of 150dpi for invoice images in order to keep them at good quality for print, if you want a bigger one you should use a 150dpi version of your logo.
How to customize the pdf template ?
Duplicate a file in /catalog/view/theme/default/pdf/ folder and edit the html as you wish.

Blank page in admin or "Undefined index: en in /admin/controller/module/pdf_invoice.php"
Cache problem on opencart v1.5.1. Delete the file /system/cache/cache.language.XXXXXXXXX and reload the page.
- Note: should be fixed in last versions
I have some "?" chars in the pdf
Encode your language files (/catalog/language/*/module/pdf_invoice.php) in UTF-8 without BOM
Error : "HTML contains invalid UTF-8 character(s)"
Encode your language files (/catalog/language/*/module/pdf_invoice.php) in UTF-8 without BOM
When I save, transparent colors is set to white
This is a conflict with jscolor library, it means you have a module who loads jscolor at anytime, even when it is not required.
Please contact the developer of this extension and ask him to make the includes only where it's for use.
Problem seen on this extension : dbassa_adca_intelligent_product_labels.xml
Why toast falls butter side down ?
Can't solve this one dude ! :]

- New feature: choose how to display pdf (download, display)
- New feature: set a watermark in pdf background
- Fix tag displayed when empty

- Added button to generate pdf invoice in order list

- Fix error with customer custom fields on OC 2.2

- New column: description
- Fixed multistore image issues

- Pdf not attached on OC v2.2

- Custom fields now displayed with defined sort order
- Fixes for OC v2.2

- Added MPN and ISBN to columns and product name options

- Fixed issues on ocmod version

- Fixed logo on substores
- Fixed logo not displayed on some servers
- Fixed error message on order status change

- Compatibility OC 2.2
- Fixed not working date format
- Better support on old mijoshop

- Fixed pdf not attached on order status

- Added pdf generator for returns

- Fixed display on mijoshop with OC v1.5
- Fixed image not found in some cases

- Fixed big footer overlaps content
- Fixed tax rate rounding to unit
- Fix images on https

- Fixed logo sometimes not displayed in multi-store
- Fixed multi-store configuration tabs not accessible

- Option to display user comment (invoice and packing slip)
- Display packing slip summary (total item and weight)

- It is now possible to use localized date format
- Fixed history not appearing on v1.5.6
- Fix error on 2.1 when using custom fields


[feature] Compatibility with mijoshop 3
[feature] barcode

[feature] Tags for custom blocks
[fix] (2.5.1) error on OC 1.5.6 since last update
[fix] (2.5.2) various minor fixes
[fix] (2.5.3) {total} tag is now formatted value
[fix] (2.5.4) missing shipping and payment in force language
[fix] (2.5.4) decimal_point in weight
[fix] (2.5.4) division by 0 error if product price = 0

[feature] Compatibility with opencart v2.0
[feature] one version to rule them all : only one version of the module for 1.5.x to 2.0.x
[feature] improved attach invoice on status update
[feature] (2.4.1) fixed compatibility with status email template
[feature] (2.4.2) fixed error when languages with full locale (fr-Fr)
[feature] (2.4.5) new columns product id and upc
[fix] (2.4.5) quantity in product name
[fix] (2.4.6) missing logo over https
[fix] (2.4.7) error with tax invoice enabled
[fix] (2.4.8) error on order update on OC 2.x
[fix] (2.4.9) error when using quotes in status name
[fix] (2.4.10) page format
[feature] (2.4.10) new page formats
[fix] (2.4.11) notice on constant OC_V2
[fix] (2.4.12) pdf not attached on OC v2
[fix] (2.4.13) notice on OC v2 when using force language
[feature] (2.4.14) use {total_words} tag to get the total sum in words (must have libraries v1.2)

[feature] manual backup
[fix] compatibility with old vqmod versions
[feature] sortable columns
[feature] new columns
[feature] invoice due date editable
[feature] new block filters : shipping method and geo zone
[fix] (2.3.1) notice on date_invoice on first install
[fix] (2.3.1) mijoshop language handling
[fix] (2.3.2) date format on mijoshop
[fix] (2.3.3) various bugs on mijoshop
[feature] (2.3.4) new invoice columns
[fix] (2.3.5) correct tax rate amount

- [feature] multi-stores custom parameters support
- [feature] manual invoice number
- [feature] chinese, japanese, korean languages support
- [feature] dutch and german translation (thanks John)
- [fix] language for admin field not saved
- [fix] untranslated messages when updating order status
- [feature] proforma or invoice display
- [fix] (2.2.1) files vqmodables
- [fix] (2.2.2) display pdf even if character encoding is not utf8
- [fix] (2.2.2) display images over https
- [fix] (2.2.3) image display on some host restrictions
- [fix] (2.2.4) better compatibility
- [fix] (2.2.4) strip tags in totals
- [fix] (2.2.6) notice HTTP_IMAGE and HTTP_CATALOGbr />[fix] (2.2.8) Company/VAT multi-store

- [feature] choose backup generation moment
- [feature] Invoice for admin
- [feature] Customer number
- [feature] Packing slip
- [fix] better resolution on images
- [fix] unexpected t_function error on php version < 5.3
- [feature] theme integration for shoppica2
- [fix] some template corrections
- [fix] (2.1.1) folder restructuration, solve problems on some hosts
- [fix] (2.1.1) language file not loaded on oc1.5.4
- [fix] (2.1.1) product image on packing slip not displayed
- [fix] (2.1.2) Better compatibility for sending pdf to admin
- [fix] (2.1.3) Compatibility with email status template extension
- [fix] (2.1.3) Attach pdf on status update also from front office
- [fix] (2.1.3) fixed customer_group_id notice
- [fix] (2.1.4) image resolution for backup
- [fix] (2.1.4) errors generating pdf on some payment methods
- [feature] (2.1.5) company ID
- [feature] (2.1.5) new template

- [feature] template selector and custom templates
- [feature] color selectors
- [feature] easier management of languages
- [feature] column selector
- [feature] show quantity in product name
- [feature] price with tax option
- [feature] Powerful custom blocks
- [feature] footer
- [feature] due date
- [feature] correct install checks

- [feature] changed pdf library
- [feature] drastically reduced pdf weight
- [feature] simplified template
- [feature] right-to-left languages support (Arabic, Hebrew, ...)
- [fix] (1.6.1) notice on admin
- [fix] (1.6.2) unformatted backlines for address in front-end
- [fix] (1.6.2) correct align on invoice
- [fix] (1.6.2) page margin
- [fix] (1.6.2) better error handling

- [feature] store VAT number
- [feature] customer company ID / VAT ID management
- [fix] backup function
- [fix] (1.5.1) pdf attachment in mail on some host
- [fix] (1.5.1) notice in admin
- [fix] (1.5.1) js alert in admin orders
- [feature] (1.5.2) download invoice list in admin orders
- [fix] (1.5.3) manage images in template
- [feature] (1.5.4) custom logo
- [fix] (1.5.5) better compatibility with old vqmod versions
- [fix] (1.5.6) fixed attach with notify on OC 1.5.1.x
- [fix] (1.5.6) comment block

- [feature] Backup function
- [feature] Paper size selection
- [feature] Attach invoice on status update
- [feature] shortcut in extension menu
- [feature] better design
- [fix] improved compatibility

- [feature] auto generate invoice number
- [feature] improved admin section
- [feature] display invoice in pdf template
- [feature] Fine tunning of filename output
- [fix] (1.3a) compatibility with 1.5.1.x to 1.5.4.x
- [fix] (1.3a) better utf-8 support

- [feature] generate pdf invoice from admin
- [feature] option to enable download only if invoice number is set
- [feature] display invoice number in pdf template
- [fix] (1.2a) session error in admin
- [fix] (1.2b) icons order and display in some browsers
- [fix] (1.2b) displayed link in order detail
- [fix] (1.2c) notice in admin template
- [fix] (1.2d) curious error on some php versions with single quotes on var
- [fix] (1.2d) wysiwig editor on v1.5.x
- [feature] (1.2e) custom template
- [feature] (1.2e) easier custom theme implementation

- [feature] wysiwyg editor for custom text block
- [feature] choose icon in admin
- [fix] (1.1b) notices on order view
- [update] (1.1c) better invoice template

- First release

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