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Product Subscription and Recurring Payments 

The Extension can turn any product into a subscription with automatic recurring payments with PayPal Recurring Billing.
Works great on stores that sell Magazines, Newsletters, Music Download Clubs, Memberships, or just about anything that requires a subscription. It will track all your subscriptions, notify store owner and customer when a subscription comes due. 

Admin can set the frequency of reminders, length of subscription, set to daily, weekly, monthly or annually.
There is color coding for easy reference on subscription status and much more. Allows admin to set a grace period if subscription is not paid on time before it is automatically removed from the customer account. 
You also set Trial Subscriptions. It is the ultimate subscriptions Extension.

✔ Allow trial periods. Select which subscription will offer a trial subscription and if there will be a charge associated.
✔ Turns any product into a Subscription product.
✔ Products can be purchased on a one time basis or as a subscription.
✔ Regular products can be mixed with subscription products.
✔ Automatic recurring billing with PayPal Express Checkout.
✔ Send notice how often (in days). Set Grace Period.
✔ Notifies admin when a subscription has been cancelled.
✔ Emailed invoice shows if it's a subscription.
✔ Works with Downloads. When a subscription ends, the downloadable product is no longer available.
✔ Ability to offer multiple subscription periods at a discount.
✔ Multiple subscriptions can be selected by drop down menu.
✔ Discounts can be either fixed or percentage. Supports customer groups.
✔ Admin can charge a Reinstatement Fee.
✔ After reinstatement customers will have x number of days (admin sets days) to renew their subscription.
✔ In admin under subscriptions page all fields can be manually overridden.
✔ Emails to customers regarding subscription have links back to their account for easy renewal.
✔ Every time an automatic recurring payment is made, the system creates a new order and sends out an email to admin. 
✔ This extension works with OUR Express One Page Checkout Extension Express One Page Checkout

☰ Special note: If you have a custom Theme you may have compatibility issues. We can address those issues but there may be an additional fee involved for adjusting the extension.

You should use MijoShop extension Installer

v 1.0.0

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