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Shared WishList
This is a simple shared wish list extention which lets customers distribute a link that allows th..
Product Tooltip
Tooltip when your mouse hover Module: Featured Developer Name : vdhoangson ..
Latest Product Rss Feed
This extension allows your users to subscribe to an RSS feed of your latest products. Ideal..
Fixed Cost Producur
* Description  this plugin will allow admin user to set a fixed cost for each manufact..
You Save
If you are running any promotions, then it is a great idea to tell the customers not only what th..
Based on 1 reviews.
Export Categories as PDF
Pdf catalog module gives your users a export pdf catalog(products in category) of your entire s..
Adv Ajax Filter
Compatiple with : MijoShop 2.x, MijoShop 3.x, Miwoshop   Adv  Ajax Filter filte..
Based on 11 reviews.
Allow PDF Upload (File Manager)
Extension Allows you to upload and browse PDF files in the admin File Manager and Maximum file si..
Sold Out Plus
Features: + Remove "Add To Cart" button if product quantity is 0 + Display actual out of stock sta..
Custom Message
This extension allows you to create and place a custom message on any page. Features: + C..
Telephone Field for New Address
+ During checkout, add telephone field for new payment address and new shipping address + Admin..
İnternet üzerinden ödeme kabul etmenin en kolay ve en hızlı yolu ! iyzico interne..
Akatus Checkout Transparente
Caso tenha o problema "Favor aguardar..." Esse é problema não é ..
bKash is very popular local payment method in Bangladesh. I have made a payment module of bKash for ..
JA Bookshop (Joomla + MijoShop)
Price Range: $59 - $70   JA Bookshop from JoomlArt is a supreme template f..
Order Delivery Date Lite
This extension will allow the customer to choose a delivery date on the checkout page. The delive..
Pop-Up Notifications
Pop-Up Notifications - A small vqmod that replaces default, annoying notifications with pop-up ones...
Country zone based shipping
This extension allows you to set shipping rates based on the countries and zones. You can create ..
Canada Post
It will require the following information: - Customer / Venture One Number: - Company Name..
Bank Terajat
طریقه نصب:  دانلود فایل و خارج نمودن از حالت فشرده انتقال به سرور نصب و فعال سازی از ط..
Welcome to the Miwisoft Extensions Directory. The purpose of this directory is to sell and provide support for 3rd party extensions compatible with Miwisoft components, especially MijoShop.
Use the Ticket System to get support directly from the extensions' developers.

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