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Add downloads to order
add downloads for each order with fully functions features: - add downloads for each order - ..
Add to cart Poup up
The category page Add to cart Poup up ..
Admin Product Status
Admin Product Status ... ..
Admin Product Zoom
Admin Product İmage Zoom ... ..
Admin Title
Admin Product Title  Admin Category Title  Admin İnformationTitle  ..
Attach Downloads to order
Attach your own downloads to a specific order! No need to add another order just upload the file ..
Category Groups
XD Category Groups is a module to add blocks which links to a main category and has the sub categor..
Category Pop Up Description
Category Pop Up Description ..
Change image on hover thumbnail
product image changes on mouse over of thumbnail image. ..
Confirm Email Registration and Guest
Typos are a common problem with registration processes especially when there is only one chance t..
Mijoshop Template... ..
This is a simple module similar to the default Information & Account modules. This module all..
Google Re-Captcha
Product Review and Contact page repalce Re-Capcha ..
Images in the header links
This extension will add images in the links in the header For work this add-on correctly. ..
Improved Attributes (custom product fields)
Attributes Groups position on prodcut page (top, in description and tab groups) Attributes Groups o..
Information Page Module
Shows the HTML content of an Information page inside a module, so you can display it anywhere on you..
Manufacturer Description
This module allows you to fulfill meta and description like in products and categories. Localisatio..
Minmax order
This contrib adds multiple limit verification checks during the checkout step.  Allows multipl..
Welcome to the Miwisoft Extensions Directory. The purpose of this directory is to sell and provide support for 3rd party extensions compatible with Miwisoft components, especially MijoShop.
Use the Ticket System to get support directly from the extensions' developers.

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